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Design Ideas for your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the part of that special day where the most time is spent and the most activities take place. There is much tradition attached to wedding receptions. These traditions need to be considered in the planning stage of the wedding.

Some traditions can be altered to fit the desires of the couple and the expectations of the guests. The reception hall is going to be the center of all of this activity. It is a good idea to give some thought to the overall design theme of the reception. The design theme will determine the overall look of the reception hall and a carefully planned and executed design theme can add a great deal to the wedding. It is important to match the design theme to the hall where the reception is to take place. There has to be a match here.

It is important to have a complete idea of just how the hall is going to appear at the time of the reception. How many tables will there be? What kind of chairs are being used? How large is the dance area? Where will the head table be located? These are the types of questions that must be answered before a design theme can be planned. The key elements to the design theme are centerpieces and flowers. The centerpiece and the table top decorations are the key areas of advancing the theme of the design. One good idea is to consider the season. If a wedding is in spring, a more normal design of bright and colorful flowers would be fine, but a fall wedding might feature a design theme more suited to autumn.

A winter wedding can use a winter theme. One good centerpiece idea is a floating rose display. You can make it easily by starting with any large clear glass container filled with water. Add some pink or red floating candles to the water and sprinkle artificial rose petals into the water and around the table top. The artificial rose petals can be purchased from wedding supply stores or candle shops.

They are made of acetate, a silk like material. The sky is the limit for centerpiece design. The other important element of the reception design is the floral arrangements. It is generally recommended that the actual placement and removal of floral arrangements be left to professional florists. It is not that you will be unable to create the arrangement that best expresses your design scheme, but rather that you are going to be very busy elsewhere on the wedding day itself. Once again, the decorating theme should match the hall.

Large and tall arrangements work best in large halls. They fill space and also make a bold statement. Flowers can be part of the centerpiece design, and there are limitless ways to express a design theme with them It is a good idea to place an empty vase with water at each bridesmaid table for her bouquet. This not only preserves them, but they then become part of the table design.

Purchasing large quantities of banquet chairs, church chairs, and tables can be a demand on your time and your budget.

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