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Divorcing to Find Happiness

No longer are divorced couples being viewed with pity and sympathy. Divorcees are stealing the limelight and walking away with public admiration. Let's face it ? Divorce is not the end of the road but a new happy beginning. Single divorced women and men are embarking on a new journey of self-exploration. It's not surprising to find divorcees looking radiant and positively brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Social psychologists state that this trend of seeing divorce as the perfect solution, has sort of liberated many people into the fountain of life.

No matter how old you are, divorce can set you free to do your own thing which you have been denied by marriage and society. This is a frequent occurrence as celebrities and common people are seeking to end their own misery and find individual peace, success and happiness. A few reasons have been put forward to explain this trend: Changing Attitudes of People: People's attitudes have been slowly changing due to the sudden influx of technological and scientific advances. Life has become fast-paced and this has consequently affected the way people view themselves and their own lives. Individuals want more out of life rather than simply being stuck in a marriage and doing household chores.

More emphasis is being laid on the self and the satisfaction of personal happiness and success. In short, the attitude has changed in a generic sense. Now, individuals do not think in a family-oriented manner. Individual goals are being perceived to be different from that of the family.

Coupled with this comes the changing marital expectancy factor. Couples want more personal freedom, achievement and sexual enjoyment. Individuals are finding it easier to live a life devoid of maintaining a fašade of marital happiness for the sake of children. The equation with children is changing as couples divorce and move towards individual happiness.

Divorce is slowly propelling couples to enjoy life on their own terms. It is offering them a host of opportunities. Divorce is forcing individuals to look at their physical and emotional selves.

They finally have the time to dabble in activities and ventures they always wanted to do. Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston has finally decided to go into direction after her divorce. On the other, Sussex housewife enrolled to get a master's degree in Psychology after her divorce. Emma Rodricks claims that getting a higher academic degree was an individual accomplishment which was never encouraged by her husband. Sophie Mason is on a world tour. She is doing things she never imagined she would be doing.

She is mountaineering, rock-climbing and bungee jumping. At the age of 69, she is having the time of her life and is finally really happy! She is experiencing a state of mental bliss which she had no idea existed during her marriage of 25 years. She has finally found her path to personal achievement and happiness. Arthur Hale is not sad ? in fact, he is jubilant and looking forward to taking control of his life once again. He plans to get into shape; start dating and enjoying the finer things of life. Actress Pamela Andersen states that divorce allows one the opportunity to choose.

She argues that a divorce enables one to make their own mistakes and move forward. It boosts one's inner confidence levels and puts a smile on the individual's face. She further states that her separation is giving her the opportunity to get involved in various international endorsements and publicity campaigns.

Andersen has recently joined hands with the Wildlife Association Group and the HIV/AIDS Awareness Organisation. A divorce does become a boon for many people who look forward to leading a fulfilling and happy life. They are not answerable to anyone. Heather Mills, the ex-wife of international musician, Sir Paul McCartney, states that a divorce offers the best possible answer to a personally fulfilling life.

She argues that many people discover that their personal life expectations are quite different from marital expectations. And this leads to marital problems and clashes. Divorce is the solution- the boon to pursue personal happiness and freedom. When one is happy from the inside, it is reflected on the face, attitude and demeanour. Thus, many a time people end up remarking ? divorce suits you ? you look better than ever.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. For more information on getting a Divorce see http://www.quickie-divorce.com

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