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Garden And Flower Bridal Party Favors

Flowers and weddings go together beautifully, that's why you can never go wrong with garden party favors.Gorgeous flowers are waiting for their chance to bloom! Bridesmaids who are organizing the bridal shower party ought to remember this. Flowers are not only for decoration but for favors as well. Flower covered boxes or butterfly baskets can hold little gifts, or even part of the garden party meal at each place setting. You don't even have to have a garden for a garden party shower, just bring it all indoors, wrapped in organza and accented with pretty plants, and you're good to go! Here are some garden wedding favors you can choose from: Earth-friendly Wildflower Favor Bags - These bags will provide the gift of beauty to your family and friends throughout the years.

Each lined bio-degradable bag comes with a beautiful assortment of annual wild flower seeds and a personalized label and hand-made flower add the perfect touch to this Eco-friendly product. It's an environmentally friendly way to delight your shower guests and celebrate your upcoming wedding. Candied Fall Leaves - As yummy as they look, these fall leaves capture all the colors of fall. Four gel candies in bright greens, yellows, oranges and reds are topped with granulated sugar to create a treat that is colorful and tasty. A great way to thank your guests, is to tickle their palates. Tropical Orchid Sachets - This sweetly scented concoction of tropical flowers and subdued colors are perfect to wow your guests.

A perfect choice for an outdoor wedding or bridal shower, this intriguing combination of lavender and gardenia scents mingle together in the lined sachet bag. The heavenly scents will waft across the room, perfuming the whole area, making the ambiance and your guests feel luxurious. Flower Box - Your bridal party guests will be delighted when they arrive at their table to be greeted by these charming mulberry paper rose bouquet flower boxes. A great thing is that you can hide little treats inside these flower boxes and they can be used by your guest to hold small trinkets at home. Embossed Paper Album - Whatever the occasion, when family and friends gather together it's an opportunity for pictures.

And what better way for your guests to tell the story and remember the day by than with a special photo album filled with some of the best shots. This embossed paper photo album can store lasting memories and will definitely make your guests smile.

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