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Hot Tips For The First Date For Men

Dating is a necessary part of finding the perfect match for you. Its a selection process, that needs to be followed with some type of an idea of how to handle yourself. You do not want to overpower your date, just as you do not want to strike out, before you have even had a chance to talk on the first date. So here are 10 items that could make or break your dating success. 1.

Most women love a guy to show that he can be in charge. The way to let this come through on a first date, is to have every little detail taken care of and organized. It shows that you are capable, and attentive, qualities much sought after in a potential mate. 2. Being self assured and confident, sends signals of masculine strength, in a non obtrusive way.

Act unflappable and in charge as most women find this very sexy. 3. Pay attention to her. You are on a date with her to get to know each other, use that time effectively, to find out as much about each other as possible.

Give her your undivided attention. Short of doting on her, look at her frequently, and listen to what she says. 4. Watch the details.

Nothing shows you are a sensitive caring guy more than making sure she is comfortable in her chair, warm enough, her drink is topped up and so on. Make her comfortable on the date. 5. To make things easier for yourself with the communication, try and pick a place that is not too noisy.

A thumping nightclub may be fun, but you cannot hold a conversation easily. This puts you at a disadvantage, as she can focus on other things around her, and you can not let her see your personality, other than in your physical appearance and actions. It is always better to let her have a view of a more complete package.

6. Which brings us to appearance. Even though they will not readily admit it, most women prefer smartly dressed guys. Not over the top, at the height of fashion, but cleanly turned out in suitable clothes. If you can wear something that really accentuates your looks, it sends a subliminal message to the girl that this date is important, she is important and that you have hidden qualities, which you do not feel the need to flaunt publicly. So your appearance can be vital.

7. The one detail that seems more significant than others, seems to be shoes. Ladies love shoes. They are experts on shoes. It is only natural that they will inspect your shoes.

A well matched clean pair of shoes, immediately reassures your date that you have an inkling of style to go with your other qualities. Always a good thing. 8. How you smell can make great deal of difference as well. Even though we are led to believe that a strong overpowering cologne will bring her to her knees, a very subtle waft of a demure scent is so much more effective.

If she actually has to try and smell it, it becomes almost aphrodisiacal. Just make sure that it is not mixed with a pungent smell of sweat, that is a turnoff. 9. What you say, or rather ask is crucial. Asking about her, shows interest in her.

You need to be subtle in your approach though. An interrogation will not go down well. A very effective method is to smile and then ask a general question about her, allowing her to expand and start a conversation .

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, her included. Allow her to talk, and then listen. This is one of the greatest compliments you can give another person. 10. Last but not least, let her know where she stands.

If she is not what you were looking for, say so. Kindly but clearly. Let her know it was the only date. If she is your dreamboat, make sure to let her know that you are interested in pursuing the date. Phone her when you say you will, or even better, arrange the next date there and then.

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Online Dating

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