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How to Create and Post a Dynamite Online Dating Ad

One of the first tasks you will face when getting started with a new online dating service will be to create a good profile or online ad to list in their database. When a girl logs on and wants to search for the perfect guy to meet, she will enter traits such as age, race, location, and interests and get a list of guys along with pictures and other information you provide. So you will be competing with perhaps dozens of guys for the girls attention.

You can see why it is important to make your ad stand out so she will pick you from the other eager boys and men who want to get to know her better. Just as you use certain criteria for selecting which girls to look more closely at when you are scanning the members of your online dating community, the girls look at your ad that same way. So think about how you go about creating your new ad. The key principle you should stick to is honesty. As you fill in your details, be honest about your age, your background, and your looks and select a picture that is really you and looks like you now, not 10 years ago when you looked better. The reason is that, if you hit it off with a woman and end up meeting and there is a real future with her, you do not want some little white lie in your profile to ruin that future.

Now that does not mean you cant put the best face on your appearance and your life details. How you write your descriptions, the words and type of language you select, will reflect your spirit and personality. So be upbeat, happy, a little playful, humorous, and warm in your language. Your optimistic tone can overcome a laundry list of small flaws. Remember, if you have what you perceive as a flaw, if you come to where you embrace, accept, and find humor in your flaw, that translates that flaw into a big plus for you.

Show that in how you describe yourself in the ad. Use good writing rules when creating your ad. Make your sentences short and crisp, your paragraphs less than five sentences, use bullet lists, and make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. These little things are as important as good clothes and hygiene when you meet a girl live for the first time, so take time to make a good first impression. Above all, be yourself and let your personality come through. Come up with a sweet, romantic, or cute line to show on the menu page.

That is your pick-up line. So put some thought into just the right phrase. Read a lot of other guys profiles. Better yet, if you have a female who can give you some help, have her read several and then yours and let you know what really works. Finally, take the time often to review and revise your ad.

Change out the picture, come up with new and interesting ways to present things and change it so perhaps it will stand out more dramatically to the girls who are looking for that perfect guy for them. You are that guy. You just want them to be able to see that in your profile.

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Online Dating

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