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How to Send Your Solo XRated Video to Your Lover

So youve been naughty and made a solo x-rated video that you want your lover to watch. Your solo video can be a `teaser of whats going to happen tonight, or can cover everything from self-loving to reaching a climax. Either way, it makes for tremendously great foreplay!

But after you make your x-rated solo performance, how do you send it to your partner without the risk of everybody previewing it?

How to Safely Send Your Solo Erotic Videos

Send via email.
You can send the x-rated video as an attachment to your email but for this you should be absolutely sure that its to an email address that can only be previewed by your partner. As such, NEVER send it to your lovers office email address! Chances are, the company is keeping copies of all `business correspondence and so you never really know if a copy of your private email is saved in a company backup somewhere.

So what do you do? Sending via email is best for just short videos so this is a great method if youre only sending a `teaser of the video.

If youve been planning this for quite a while then a couple of days BEFORE you send the video, encourage your partner to open a new, private email account.

You guys can even opt for paid email services just so long you are assured that the level of security is high. The market is quite advanced today so you can easily find email service providers that offer email accounts that allow users to send delete-able and even self-destructing emails.

Send via mobile phone.
Another great way to send hot teaser erotic videos to your partner is via your mobile phone. Just ensure your phones have MMS (multimedia message) capabilities.

Picture this: youre partner is working and having a boring day. You send a video to her mobile phone and lo and behold, there you are in all you naked glory. Now isnt that enough to make her lust after you the whole day? (Of course, encourage your partner to send YOU erotic videos once in a while too!)

Also, check if your (and your partners) mobile phone has Live Streaming video features.

This way you can be naughty REAL TIME and have your partner have a glimpse of what youre doing.

Of course, sending stuff via mobile phones does have some risks. For instance, are you sure absolutely no one will answer any message from you if your partner is unavailable? The best way is to sort of pre-discuss these things.

For instance, agree on a secret word that when you send it to your partner, she should reply with another secret word signifying that she is indeed currently near her mobile phone. and alone to preview whatever you send.

Send via a private link to your website.

For complete erotic videos, the best is to upload them to a very private and highly secure website. This way, you can simply email your lover a link to the video youve uploaded and she only needs to type in a password to enter your website and privately preview the video.

This method is great for couples who are apart for work or other reasons.

Just because you guys are not physically together, it means that there should be no intimacy, right? Sending over an erotic video is one way of showing your lover that shes always in your thoughts and that those thoughts are hot ones!

Send via courier.
Another way to send your erotic videos is via courier. Again, this is great for long or complete videos and is a method thats nice to use if you and your partner are apart from each other.

Although most courier services are private and secure, it pays to adopt a few extra measures to ensure your video doesnt end up in the wrong hands. For instance, you can stipulate that the video must be personally received by the recipient and only upon showing a valid id.

You can also code or scramble the video so that anybody who just sees it will not be able to view it.

Of course, your partner will have the information to decode the video.

Sending your solo erotic videos to your lover is a great way to spice up your relationship. Just be cautious so you dont allow any unauthorized viewing of your private x-rated videos.


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