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Leonard Jacobson A true spiritual teacher of now

Leonard Jacobson ? A true spiritual teacher of 'now' In the world of growing violence and degrading humanity, spiritual leaders continue to strive for reinstalling lost values and ethics of mankind. They try to infuse a spiritual awakening or enlightenment in our souls. Most of the spiritual leaders come from a particular religion or faith.

Gaining knowledge from the spiritual/religious books and scriptures, they serve as teachers to those who follow the religion/faith. Spiritual leaders or spiritual teachers stimulate or awaken the intrinsic values that we bear in our hearts and minds. Their teachings, usually in the forms of services or sermons, aim to rouse consciousness through awakening or enlightenment of the souls that reside in our body.

At present there are many famous spiritual teachers who dedicate their entire lives for the cause of spiritual awakening. Leonard Jacobson is one of the famous names amongst the spiritual teachers. He is best known for the clarity of his teaching to awaken into the world of 'present' or 'now'. Leonard Jacobson originates from Australia, and currently, aged 63, lives in Santa Cruz, California. Since his first 'spiritual awakening' in 1981, Leonard Jacobson continues to conduct workshops, seminars and evening teaching sessions in Europe, Australia and the U.S.

The objective of his effort is to guide people on the path of awakening and enlightenment. For almost twenty years his three books (Embracing the Present, Bridging Heaven & Earth and Words from Silence) have been serving people as the guide to awakening. Recently in 2007, he published his book titled "Journey into Now - Clear Guidance on the Path of Spiritual Awakening". The book provides a roadmap for awakening.

based on the revelations that he received during his six spontaneous and powerful awakenings since 1981. Here in this book Leonard Jacobson guides the readers to rise above their minds locked to the past and future and open into fulfillment and living in the 'now'. Leonard Jacobson is the founder of a non-profit organization named "The Conscious Living Foundation". The primary objective of this foundation is to support people in the awakening of human consciousness. The foundation also facilitates spreading of Leonard's and teachings through workshops, books and multi-media materials. As a mark of honor and recognition to his selfless efforts in spiritual awakening, Religious Science International, a voluntary association of churches that promote Science of Mind? awarded Leonard Jacobson the Peace Prize in 2005.

Leonard Jacobson neither associates nor affiliates himself with any particular church, religion or faith. His lessons rather encompass spiritual teachings from all major religions and philosophies. His teachings remain focused on seekers of awakening ? who respond to the invitation to awaken either knowingly or unknowingly. As a spiritual teacher Leonard Jacobson continues to gain more and more audience everyday.

In his website www.leonardjacobson.com Leonard Jacobson sums up his perception of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and consciousness in a short video clip. He says, "To awaken is to awaken out of the world of the mind into the world of now, out of the past and future into the present moment, out of illusion into truth, out of separation into oneness ? that is what it means to awaken. And if you're awakened fully in this life time, it is the completion of your soul's journey".

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