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As you begin your venture with online dating, it is important to remember that while there are tremendous advantages, there are some disadvantages. Unlike traditional dating, you do not have the benefit of seeing a person face-to-face, which helps you judge reactions. With online dating, you are learning about a person on words only! While this is great for getting to know someone for their heart and not their looks, it also creates the challenge in that you cannot see the reactions that go along with the words.

Unfortunately, far too many people that get involved with online dating jump right into conversations, sharing some very intimate and personal things as they try to overcome the barrier of not having a visual connection. Just remember that there is a time and place for sharing certain aspects of your life. When you first start communicating with a person, the tone should be light and fun. If that friendship builds over time, then other more personal details can be discussed.

However, when you first meet someone, do not start by pouring out your soul, telling him or her all about your ex-spouse or ex-significant other. This is a huge turnoff, and an excellent way to scare someone away. Save that kind of talk for your Thursday night poker game or day at the hairdresser.

Online dating services are made up of all types of people, including thousands and thousands of single parents. While most parents want to brag about their children and their accomplishments, the children should stay out of the conversation initially. Although a little bit is fine to break the ice and find common ground, you are trying to build a romantic connection so keep the topic of children for a later conversation.

Meeting someone online is very exciting and can make you feel like a love struck teenager but do your best not to sound like one. Typically, a man and woman are looking for someone that is mature, someone that has potential for being a lifetime partner. If you start acting giddy or silly, you will likely turn that person away. Now, there is nothing wrong with flirtation, being happy, and laughing, but make sure it is not over the top.

Avoid talking about personal things such as financial problems, health issues, or stories about your dysfunctional family. In most cases, these things are best left unsaid. As your relationship blossoms, you can begin to share certain things but opening up as soon as you meet is a very bad mistake that many people make.

Finally, always be honest. Even if it means poking fun at yourself for something silly you did, laugh about it and tell the truth. After all, if the relationship moves forward, the truth will come out eventually. Therefore, it is better to be yourself upfront than to mask the person you are, only to be found out and have a potential relationship fall apart.

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