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Good and Bad : Dating Online

In most cases, the experiences gained with online dating are positive ones. Even if you never make a love connection, you can make many new friends. Thousands of people have met online through a dating service, built a friendship, and then gone on to be married. Therefore, if you are thinking about joining an online dating service, you should expect something positive to come from it. However, along with all the advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider.
Let us start with the disadvantages of using an online dating service:
  • Some online dating services do accommodate the use of photographs. In this case, you will not be able to see the person to make proper judgments. Studies that have been done across the country stress the importance of physical attraction when it comes to the beginning of romance, especially for a man. Without a photograph, people can exaggerate the truth or be dishonest altogether. This problem is especially a problem when it comes to online dating. People want to put their best foot forward, making a positive, lasting impression. To accomplish this, the truth is often stretched.

  • Maintaining a high level of members can be a challenge. Initially, the numbers will grow but over time, people drop off for one reason or another, usually because they have made a connection, which is a good thing for them but that is one less potential person for you.

  • If you were to meet someone in another city, state, or country that interests you, and that relationship builds to something more than friendship, one of you would have to make a decision regarding relocation.

As you can see, the disadvantages are few. Typically, a reputable online dating service will have far more advantages than they do disadvantages. Some of the common advantages to enjoy are:

  • You will have the opportunity to meet men and women all around the globe, not just your local bar, restaurant, or country club.

  • Online dating services are designed to meet the needs of every age group, ethnic group, religious group, hobby group, and so on. Therefore, if you are elderly and looking for a companion, you can choose an online dating service that focuses solely on making connections for people in your age group. If you love to snow ski, travel, or some other activity, there are dating services designed so people with these same interests can come together.

  • Instead of having to get all dressed up to head out to meet someone, you can relax in your favorite pair of sweats with a cup of coffee and flirt online. Just imagine sorting through various profiles and photos without having to go to all the fuss of dressing up, which is exactly one of the benefits of online dating.

  • Not everyone in life is blessed with a gorgeous body and face. By using online dating, you have the chance to impress someone with your charm, humor, and sincerity before they see what you look like. By that time, you have them hooked, or at least interested.

  • Online dating forces you to take things slow, giving you a better opportunity to get to know each other before getting too serious. Typically, two people will communicate via the dating service, eventually talk on the phone, and then at some point, make a date to meet in person. All of this takes time so you have the chance to learn more about a person than what you would learn from in-person dating.

  • Online dating is less expensive than in-person dating. The average cost to join a dating service is $20 per month. For this, you will have access to thousands of profiles and photos, giving you time to narrow down your selection.

  • Generally, online dating is much safer than meeting someone in person. Most reputable online dating services have built in tools to protect your identity until you are ready to disclose it.

  • With online dating, you have the opportunity to meet people regardless of your schedule. For instance, many people work the graveyard shift, making encounters at bars and other functions almost impossible. Since the online dating services are open 24x7, 365 days a year, you can meet people on your schedule.

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