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How to Safely Meet Strangers from a online dating chat.

You are ready to meet somebody online, that is ready for Online Dating! That means you are not seeing anybody but only talking. Make it an interesting and safe experience.

Use email and the telephone to ask open ended questions and get the other person to share information about himself/herself. In other words, after asking "What kind of work do you do"?, ask "Why do you like that kind of work? What led you into that field?"

Gently interview the other person. Explain to him/her that you don't wish to "pry" into their life, but you feel there are definite possibilities for getting acquainted and you want to be very thorough in this preliminary stage.

Dating over the internet or phone over a longer period of time is better so that you can get to know the person better and who what their temperament, personality, character is like. Meeting up with someone you met only a couple of times doesn't give you their full spectrum of personality traits.

Do not promise a date or a meeting until you have had at least five fifteen minute or longer conversations by phone in advance of suggesting a personal meeting.

Do not rely only on email or written letters to get acquainted. Use ALL mediums possible. This will give the persona a better idea about your personality, it will bring up different aspects which may not be seen through just one way.

Be "businesslike". Don't arrange a first "date" -- arrange a "meeting", lunch or coffee break with a defined ending time. It should be casual.

When you arrange to meet the other person, leave a trail. Tell a trusted friend or relative who you are meeting, where and what time you're expected back.

Meet in a well lighted, public place which each of you can get to easily.

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