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Send A Strong Message Rose Combination Recommendations

Giving roses to someone for a special occasion - or for no real occasion at all - is a tradition that people have been doing for centuries. Though the rose is the universal symbol for love, it is by no means restricted to expressing romantic love. Since we've already attached particular meanings to certain colors.

(bright colors for instance, convey happiness where as darker shades connote deeper, more intense emotions), different flower colors elicit specific emotions from us almost automatically. Instead of sending someone a rose bouquet made up of just one color, why not choose a rose combination? Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing; the color combinations will also heighten whatever the recipient feels upon seeing the flower bouquet before your eyes. Think of the individual rose as a word, and the bouquet as your entire message to her. Here are some rose color combinations you might want to consider with respect to the emotions they might ignite. Love and Romance: Nothing says "I love you!" louder than the classic red and white rose combination. We already know that red roses stand for passionate love, but the addition of the white rose to the bouquet denotes a pure heart and nothing but good intentions.

Diva is a quirky rose combination that speaks of passionate love clearer than words ever could. The mixture of orange and red roses resembles the flames of passion that can engulf a person and put him into a delirious fever that only requited love can cure. A more reserved way of showing romantic interest is by choosing Berry, a delightful combination of pink and red roses that convey elegance, admiration, and deep feelings for someone. Thinking of You: For your mom's birthday or Mother's day, send her the Pastel flower arrangement, a delicate combination of white and peach flowers.

Its subtle shades elicit happiness and joy, and will probably match her living room furniture too! The refreshing white and yellows of the Sunrise combination also brings out sunny, cheerful emotions of warmth. Cheer up: For a friend who's been going through a rough patch or who has been stuck in the hospital for days, nothing less than a colorful arrangement will do the trick of cheering him or her up. Remind your friend that life is beautiful by sending Blush, an enchanting blend of large coral pink and white rose. To brighten up those drab hospital rooms, try Royale, a visually-stunning bouquet of lavender and bright yellow roses, or the Dusk combination's cheerful warmth of oranges and peach tones. Besides from having so many meanings, multi-colored rose combinations are also visually stunning. This makes your message come across beautifully.

So the next time you need to send roses, send her favorite rose combinations and see the difference.

This article is authored by Timothy Spencer for Island Rose - Flower Shop Philippines. We hope you enjoyed this article and encourage you to visit our website. Send Flowers Philippines through Island Rose and see the difference.

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