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You are going on well along with your date, and not only well but excellent, but still you're wondering if it is a serious one or not, whether or not you're date is really interested in you. Try to look for the following signals to make up the decisions:

Your date will hang out with you instead of going somewhere that might be more fun.
You call each other just to let the other know you're thinking of them, missing them, etc.
Physical contact has increased or both feel more comfortable being close or touching.
You both notice and remember little details about each other.
You start talking about the future together in regular, everyday conversation.
You're not insecure if he/she doesn't call you understand You understand that he/she has a good reason.

More trust. You open up about private things that you might not talk about with others.

You are introduced to the family.

It does take time to develop a secure level of intimacy. So be patient and don't start judging your relationship right from the beginning.

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