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Should Divorce Laws be Made More Stringent

The problem is that such impulsive tendencies appear to have entered the domain of relationships. People are now talking about instant coffee, instant popcorn, instant pizza, and even instant marriage with the same ease. With instant marriages, the prospect of an instant divorce also looms ominously. But don't think you're rid of your newly wed wife just yet. This is where stringent divorce laws enter the picture; to prevent society and the family as an institution from disintegrating like a bone china cup in one slip.

Every leader has a duty to set a path for the public without worrying about intruding into personal choices. After all, is wearing a seatbelt not a rule? Can it ever be a matter of personal choice? Similarly, preserving marriages as the fabric of society should also become a focus. Historical Perspective on Marriage and Divorce During Roman times, marriage and family affairs came within the ambit of comprehensive state laws.

As the Roman Catholic Church gained prominence, it took a tough stand against divorce. This succeeded to a great extent in preserving the institution of family and marriage. During the 1500s, the Protestant Reformation in Europe supported the secularization of marriage and divorce laws. In England, the Anglican Church toed a line that was somewhat akin to that of the Catholic Church and managed to secure the sanctity of marriage in British society. Between 1669 and 1850, only 229 divorces were granted in England. The Contemporary Situation At present, the plight of cardinal social institutions like marriage and the family is so precarious and vague, thanks to our liberal divorce laws.

Though law is not a monolithic entity and is open to change and reform under social pressure and needs, this does not warrant a loose attitude toward divorce. Mass perception and opinion is influenced by the nature of existing divorce laws in society. If the divorce laws are tough, people give due respect and consideration to their marital vows. Vice versa, a soft attitude towards divorce makes marriage a flimsy arrangement susceptible to subjective considerations, which can be discarded any time.

Hence it is imperative that divorce laws should be made tougher to bolster the institution of marriage in contemporary Britain. A high divorce rate is not only harmful for individual families, but has a wider impact on the entire social fabric. At present, every third marriage is ending in a divorce, influencing trends like teen pregnancies, the number of children born out of wedlock, crime rates and instances of cohabitation. If this trend is allowed to proceed unhampered, fifty years from now, British society will undergo a transformation that will not be to the liking of responsible and concerned citizens.

Scared and deprived by parental divorce, children just out of their diapers are proceeding to become parents. Women and children are being forced into a life marred by financial constraints and emotional insecurity. Marriage is Still Popular No matter what you say or think, marriage still happens to be the most popular social institution, the world over. Even those who swear by the merits of divorce choose to remarry yet again. Individuals should not allow themselves to be misled by the shallow logic of divorce attorneys, who are often more concerned about settling the legal technicalities like custody, alimony, division of assets and off course their fees in a divorce situation, rather then considering its impact on the concerned families.

Liberal divorce laws should not be allowed to vitiate the marital bliss that is every couple's right. Divorce laws should be made tougher to stimulate couples to strengthen their families rather than opting for a divorce at the very instance of marital discord. Let's Support Tough Divorce Laws Nothing can bring to a person that sense of companionship, love and comfort that a marriage can.

Now is the time to recognize this fact and to build a whole new society around this principle. To what extent can the state interfere with the personal life of citizens is a debatable issue. Yet, leaders and legal aides cannot shy away from their responsibility. A marriage movement should be initiated in society, supported by state sponsored programs, research, workshops and seminars.

Children and family should be made the first priority of all citizens. No doubt, all this effort needs the support of tough divorce laws. Premarital counseling and longer waiting periods for marriage and divorce should be encouraged by the courts. Mutual consent for divorce should be made mandatory. Efforts should be made to popularize covenant marriages and couples opting for a covenant marriage should be given incentives.

Conclusion It is not too late to reverse this trend of cheap, uncontested divorces and no court appearances. All that is needed are tough divorce laws to resist this epidemic of social disintegration and decay.

James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie Divorce see http://www.quickie-divorce.com

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