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Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Fit Your Budget

No two weddings are exactly the same. Couples have different needs, preferences and budgets. But one thing is quite true to all, the outcome of the wedding will particularly depend on the budget. The wedding budget will basically determine what type of wedding you can have.

But don't think that you can't have the best wedding just because you don't have enough budget. You can still have the best wedding there can ever be even if you have limited budget. After all, the best wedding is not one that is lavish and grand but one that is perfectly planned. Managing Wedding Expenses Wedding is an expensive occasion.

As much as possible, you need to manage all your expenses. You should have an estimate of all your possible expenses and how much you can spend. Also keep a list of all your expenses to know if you are going over your budget. Budgeting is important because without it, you may be spending more than what your pocket is capable of spending or you may not be maximising your resources.

Everything about the wedding expenses should be carefully planned and budgeted for. Wedding Budget Tips The wedding budget will generally comprise the following:

  • The venue. To save on decorations, choose to celebrate the wedding on the beach or at a garden.

    These venues have natural charms and you no longer need to decorate.

  • The wedding dress. Don't get a wedding dress from a very well known couturier. You can pick your own design and have a less known but good couturier to do it for you.
  • The Groom's Attire.

    Just like for the wedding dress, avoid getting an attire from a well known designer. You will just be paying for the name of the designer.

  • The reception. If you have a limited budget, keep your menu simple. And if you really want to save, make your wedding mid day or mid afternoon, this way, your menu will just be snacks and not main meals.

  • The Wedding Car. You don't have to buy a wedding car, you can rent a wedding car. Limousines aren't expensive to rent. There are several limo hire companies that offer affordable limo rental.

  • The invitations. If you know how to use computer and printer, you can do your own invitation. Aside from saving a lot, you also make your invitation more personalised.
  • Photography and videography. Of course, you want to make the memories of your wedding last a lifetime. So get a good photographer and videographer.

    But make sure the cost is fair enough for the service.

  • Honeymoon. Unless you have a large budget, choose to spend your honeymoon just somewhere within your place.

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